This is my homepage

Kabul, Afghanistan 1972

Hi there and welcome!

This is to announce my new homepage and it's my first ever blog post.

As you can see on the left:

all young ... legs still a bit shaky ... broad grin.

I have been shooting and posting on social media sites for two years now and always thought it'd be nice to create a home for all this one day.

Well, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

This homepage is meant for browsing, away from the bustle, and learning more about me and my work.

You will find my street stuff arranged in three categories:

And there is more to discover!

Please leave a comment, it's easy! (Just put your name or alias and a message ... no need to register.)

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Thank you all much and best wishes!

... from a wintery Sunday morning in Germany



bliss road, Germany 2013